bez marine interiors



For more than 50 years our company name has been synonymous with quality, reliability and service in the planning and execution of interior furnishings for cruise liners, yachts, river boats and ferries.


Now managed by the third generation, Bez Marine Interiors is a family-run enterprise with a steadily growing team of experienced and motivated members of staff, who are used to meeting the high demands and specialist desires of our customers, both at sea and on land.


Starting out as a traditional interior design enterprise, the company to this day still has its own workshops where upholstered furniture and decorative interior sundries are produced.


As a training company in vocational trade professions we have a long tradition of training up young people in a wide range of trades offering a varied working life.


This is the only way that we are able to build on and fall back on qualified personnel, who, together with our partner companies in other trades, can cover the entire breadth of interior furnishings – today and in the future.


But not just own production, but also trade & customer services are nowadays important legs to stand on for our family-run enterprise.


Our products are tailored to suit the needs of our customers and are the result of many years' experience in a rapidly growing and constantly changing market.


Whether working out your budget or selecting materials, we are your partner in all questions around the furnishing of your interior and exterior areas. We also assist our customers by simply giving competent professional advice.